Terra Militia is a real-time strategy game about two thousand years of human history.


Reminds much of the classic strategy genre, Empire Earth and Age of Empires being two big inspirations, with increased focus on modding and interface improvements. The game aims to allow a smooth experience for the new player and thus be easy to learn, yet hard to master.


Control grand armies on land, sea and air on massive maps, many representing geographical locations on Earth. Morale can turn the tide of battle from victory to defeat in seconds based on your grander tactical maneuvers. The game withdraws from micromanagement and instead promotes you to flank, starve out and destroy your opponent by other means than controlling individual units.


Choose to play any specific epoch of history or advance through them and research technologies to master your foes. Focus on defense, technology or rapid advance? The choice is yours!


A diplomacy system adds another layer of tactics and roleplay in which it is possible to form alliances and treaties to truly capture the feel of controlling an empire.


The game enjoys great modding capabilities and multiplayer features allowing you to redesign anything the exact way you want it and share it with other players.

Dislike rushing and micromanagement?
Like to take your time and build your empire before fighting epic battles?
Prefer quick games on smaller maps? There's both!
Enjoy playing and/or making user content?

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